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So all you regular user where do you plan to live this year?

My plan is to live in N with the rest of the Blastbeast crew and friends
S&C / J :love:
Camp Kijafa is in Clean Out Loud in the E area, as usual.
J, too old to live anywhere else.
As the last 2 years I'm staying at the Volunteer camping.

I'm to old for the regular camping. :D
J again.
J as usual, from `07. Home!
Get a camp.
Get a tent east. We are a group of 11 peple that are going to GnR on tuesday, but only 5 of us are going to RF. So we will party in CPH instead, and not arrive before wednesday. So the GAT-option is very good for us.
seems that with a little luck I might meet some of you forum guys there. will look out for your camp names and might drop by :-) I'm not writing much but am happy to read much of this stuff.
see you ... next week!!
J - if things go as planned.

Camp Mesterhak. orange #ROSKILDE flag.
Will be living in C and go crazy as always. Age is just a number ;)
jonathansoegaard wrote: Will be living in C and go crazy as always. Age is just a number ;)

That is true most of the days of the year, but with Copenhell and then Roskilde, but stupied body tells me that is more then a dam number
Respect to all who survive in the Killing Fields :D
Its not how old you are that matters, its how many miles (kilometers) are on the clock. :D
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