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Hey all!

We are 3 Aussie girls (22, 24 and 24) and it's our first roskilde adventure!

We are planning on arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) and wanted some advice

Still haven't bought our gear- is it better to buy in Copenhagen or the festival? Is the stores in the city all sold out?

Also; been having a read of the forum and just in terms of finding a place to camp our tent- looking for a quieter one but up for a party- what are the best areas and is there room :|

Cheers for any help! :love:
Hi and welcome!

You will definitely get a better deal on equipment in Copenhagen, but it's also possible to buy your gear on site – as in on the camping site itself. Spejder Sport, which is a Danish outdoor lifestyle chain store, has three shops on site – at Rising City, Countdown City and East City. If you're looking to save some hassle, that might be the way to go.

If you're just planning on sharing one tent, you might be able to squeeze in many places. It all depends on the surrounding camps, how much space they have to spare and their willingness to move their tents a little together. If you ask a camp, and they seem wary of moving their tents, chances are that they don't make good neighbours as well, so asking ahead is also a way of gauging hospitability and sociality. Most people will happily help you fit in if you see a somewhat plausible spot for your tent, in my experience.

I live in the B area and there were definitely room for a few tents here and there when I left for work yesterday evening. As for "loudness", B isn't bad, and generally the farther south you get, the quieter. The J area is a designated "silent & clean" area where big stereos an loud music is specifically prohibited.

The busiest "party zones" are the ones closest to the stages, ie. C, E, G, F and L.

Have a good one!
If all else fails. I have a "medium" tent with two sleeping compartments in Get A Tent East. One compartment will be empty since I'm going alone. You probably will all be able to sleep there. It's close to the Arena stage so not so quiet but a bit more calm than the more party oriented regular camp.
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