Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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Foo fighters 5/6
BCUC 2/6
Cult of luna 4/6
Moon Duo 3/6

Pig Destroyer 4/6
Ibaaku 4/6
Digable planets 5+/6
Full of hell 2/6
Black string 4/6
Trap them 4/6
Ice Cube 5+/6
Anthrax 4/6
Warm-up days

School of X 4,5/6
Bogfinkevej 2/6
The Kutimangoes 4/6


Idles 2/6
Marching Church 3/6
The Weeknd 4/6
Justice 3/6

Wednesday was as disappointing as expected.


Pert Near Sandstone 5/6: Amazing. The cover of Prince was spectacular.
Future Islands 2/6: They only get 2 stars because of Sam Heering trying his best. So disappointed and left early. Bad sound on especially the vocals, where I was standing.
Shame 5/6: These guys can play! Suprise of the festival. Will go see them again at Loppen.
67 1/6: More fun than Future Islands because of moshing and going crazy, but the concert itself sucked. They only showed up 4 guys who honestly can't rap, and why these 20 min. before even entering the stage that is becoming more and more common? Big disappointment.
Hamilton Leithauser 5/6

Throwing up 2 hours because I was convinced to try some very strong "snus": 0/6

NAS 5/6 Amazing Nas. Just amazing. How he pulls that show of with no live band is incredible.

Thursday was really a day of ups and downs. Overall I had low expectations and I ended with 4 great concerts so great day.


Noname 2/6: She played only like 30 min. and skipped her maybe biggest hit? Apollo was also a terrible choice of stage.
Seun Kuti 4,5/6: Worst Kuti concert I've been at, but still great. Mos Def feature must be the most odd thing ever.
Father John Misty 4/6
Foo Fighters 4,5/6: Great, but had to leave before the end to go for Avalanches.
Avalanches 5,5/6: This years top. Feared for the quality, but it was top notch. Played their asses of, very organic and great coherence throughout the set. Could easily have gone for another hour! My first great concert at Apollo.

Digable Planet 4/6
Janka Nabay and The Bubu Gang 2/6
Romperayo: 4/6
Arcade Fire 4,5/6: Audience sucked where I was standing and the sound was too low. Band was amazing.
Moderat 3/6: I must face the fact that I do not like electronic concerts.
Sort Sol 2/6

I had a great festival, and I'll return next year(s). Looking forward to it. Hopefully they will ban the rappers who just put a DJ on for the first 20 min. With the reputation Roskilde holds as a place for live music I think it is a disgrace.
I also hope they will introduce me to more underground rock-bands next year (like they did with Shame this year).

24 full concerts. Less than 100 kr. pr. concert. Festivals are awesome!!
Warm-up days:
Bogfinkevej feat Wafande: 4/6 - very cozy concert and the crowd was great, at least from where I was standing
Monti feat. The Chairman: 3/6 - Nice rap, not the best I have heard, but nice.
Dør Nr. 13: 2/6 - Tough crowd I guess, but a bit boring concert nevertheless. I like their first EP though!

A Day To Remember: 5/6 - Probably one of the best concerts I have been to this year, including what I saw at Copenhell. I actually saw them one time before a few years back at Copenhell which was great, but this concert at Roskilde were even better, it had it all!
G-Eazy: 3/6 - I saw most of the concert from outside the tent at Arena. Still very entertaining, and the crowd seemed to like it, both those standing inside and outside of the tent.
Red Fang: 3/6 - I had high expectations for this one, but the sound was not that great and only the front part of the crowd seemed to have a blast. They still rock balls though!
Rag'N'Bone Man: 5/6 - I knew that dude could sing, but still he suprised us all. Amazing atmposhere in the tent with lots of sing'alongs.
Justice: 5/6 - After a long day it was difficult to keep up the the energy. However, the lightshow and awesome sound were still able to make me dance. They would have got one more star, if there were any kind of interaction with the crowd, I guess.

Blood Command: 4/6 - Despite the delay, the band still kept the energy high and delivered a very awesome concert. Nice way to kickstart the day!
Future Islands: 3/6 - I became an instant fan when I saw the live videos on YouTube from the talkshows, that energy the frontsinger has on stage is amazing! However, after a while I became bored, and didnt find the sound to be that great. Maybe I had too high hopes of expectations, I don't know :-)
Royal Blood: 4/6 - I was in the front pit and it was awesome! Nice simple rock band!
Nas: 5/6 - Eventough it was pretty late and I almost fell asleep during the concert, it was not his fault, but mine due to a long day with lots of beer and party. However, the concert was really, really great and I enjoyed every momemt of it from the back of the crowd!

Foo Fighters: 5/6 - Top 3 of the best concerts at this theirs festival! From start to finish we rocked on! The only "minus" was that they played tooooo long so I missed the first part of The Avalanches. But it was sure worth it! Their new single RUN was so awesome live and the final song Everlong was just magical!
The Avalanches: 5/6 - I only saw the last part, but it was great and I has to hear a full set of them next time I get the opportunity!
Den Sorte Skole: 4/6 - Nice show, I could see that they had put a lot of work into it and it sounded amazing! However, it became a bit too static at times..

The Rumour Said Fire: 3/6 - The band was okay, but they didnt manage to wake up the crowd. Their new songs sounded great live though.
The Lumineers: 4/6 - One of my favorite bands this year. I have seen them once before, which was also at Roskilde. Back then, it was in a cozy small tent and the concert was truly magical. The Lumineers on Orange though seemed too much for them to handle. They sounded great though!
Ice Cube: 4/6 - awesome concert to finish the festival!
The Hellacopters 4/6 - Would have hoped they played a bit more of the newer tracks. But all in all a good show, and I enjoyed myself.

Future Islands - 4/6 - really liked the intensity of the frontman. And they have quite a few really good tunes.

NAS - 5/6 - Really fun party! Surprisingly good, and the highlight of the festival concert wise for me.

Watched a few other shows as well, but nothing that did stick especially to my memory (did not see any concerts friday or saturday)
Now I'm on again. I've been through my "I have had enough of Roskilde for a year" time. It's happening every year (for the last 4-5 years).

This year I had a plan of not being a slave to the program, and I wasn't, but I'm not convinced it was a good plan :roll: I have never attended that few concerts during Roskilde before. Next year: Back to plan of being slave to the program, and not as much drinking as this year.

Viking Blot: Primarely Svartsot and Sorten Muld was great.

Good concerts, which I also expected to be good:

The Savage Rose
Red Fang

Good Concerts, with bands I didn't knew before the Festival:

Against Me
Blood Command
Julia Jacklin
Karen Elson
Trap Them

Concerts I missed caused by heavy drinking (and my idea of not being a slave to the program):
Kellermensch :bang:
The Hellacopters
The Jesus & Mary Chain :bang:
Angel Olsen
Pert Near Sandstone
Cult of Luna
Pig Destroyer
Oranssi Pazuzu
PH/MR Peter Hayden Band
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