Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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Mostly, everything was good this year, as usual. I had no problems using my Norwegian credit card all over the festival site, and I like that all the machines could use the contact-function of the cards so I didn't have to enter the code all of the time.
I liked the new coolbox-storage, I will book that again if they have it next year.

I tried to use the fast-track app, but I couldn't make anything of it. When I tried to do a purchase, it said "scan the qr-code on the staff", but there was no qr-code to be seen anywhere, and the staf of the stall had no information about the fast-track system. They weren't even aware that the stall was supposed to accept fast-track orders. A functioning fast-track system would be great and I hope they improve this for next year.
I think i saw signs for that express order thingy but I never used it so can´t say how it worked.
For me this year was quite the fuck up festival-wise, but that was completely my own fault. Woke up in an apartment way up in Nørrebro on the Wednesday after the party that we held after GnR. I was really fucked, but the girl living there provided a breakfast consisting of redwine and cocaine so that did the trick. When I got around to find out exactely were I was, get hold of people etc half my camp had already left CPH for Roskilde. Convinced some of them to hang around in Vesterbro (had the hotel there) so that we could go togheter to the festival. So here starts my evaluation of the time I had in the festival :) Entrance to the camp site was really fast compared to previous years. Went to the GAT East camp, and also here everything went really smooth. So no long lines, which was really nice. The staff had also been so nice to arrange so that we could get tents next to each other even tough we did not arrive at the same time, so that was great (maybe because we arrived quite late, and there was no more pressure). The long lines entering the festival site was something I have not experienced like that before. It was really bad a couple of times. Do not understand why, because the checks did not seem more thourough than previous years? Other than that I had a great time in the evening of Wednesday, and especially Thursday. On the Friday after some hours in a tent me and a colleague send a message to the CEO of our company, which we know owns this big penthouse apartment in city center. He replies within 5 mins that it is empty and that there is no problem for us to borrow it. He will arrange everything. So around 16 on the friday me and some others leave to have a break in that apartment. Of course ends up partying for two long days in CPH and does not make it back to Roskilde. So a lot of concerts I would love to have seen etc. that I missed. So that was my low-point of the festival (even though it was a lot of fun in CPH, but that fun could have been had at some other point).

But at least this makes me even more keen on going in 2018!
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