Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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DukeofDK wrote: Nah, TWY and Menzingers aren't very popular in Denmark (although I'm pretty sure Menzingers sold out Beta 2 or 3 years ago, so that's decent). Neither are a million other modern pop-punk bands. Those two were just examples I personally happen to like, which are relatively popular in other countries. I'd just rather have three smaller good ones than Sum 41. But OK, I haven't heard Sum's latest album. Maybe it's really, really good. Maybe they ARE relevant - in that case, pardon my French. So my statement is a long stretch, definitely based on their boring performance last year (I wasn't the only one who thought it was a chore to sit through, tho). So let me rephrase "irrelevant" to just "boring and uninspiring", yeah. But of course there was a lot of people, I don't question Sum 41's popularity at Groezrock nor around people aged 20+ ish.

With that said, I think I've kind of accepted that Roskilde won't book that many punk bands from the whole "Groezrock / Fest // Punk Rock Holiday" Pool that aren't post-punk (Idles, Priests, Savages, etc.). But if they do start - which they did this year, courtesy of Blink - I think it's a darn shame if they just book them, Green Day, Sum 41, etc. (I know they've been booked previously) instead of tapping the huge amount of less popular bands. There are so many innovative, small artists within the genre who are doing so much more to push the boundaries. And pushing boundaries is definitely one of Roskilde Festival's core competences.

Dont get me wrong I would love a lot more punk rock bands, also smaller, but just like you say they push boundaries they also give us show that we dont get at other festivals and I have a hard time see another festival in Denmark were Sum 41 would make seens. The Offspring at Skive where so wrong a booking.
I think The Bronx would be excellent contenders for the punk rock names next year. They're playing a free show at Malmöfestivalen this August the 14th. Heck, the bookers could even do a double whammy: Book them as The Bronx and another appearance as their alter egos: Mariachi El Bronx.

In other news, Orbital recently reformed and they sound like they could handle a subheadlining show easily.
A late evening Orbital show at Arena would be awesome.

btw Marina & The Diamonds has just released a new track with Clean Bandit, If a Album + Tour is in the making for 2018 she could be a fun afternoon/early evening slot for Orange like Florence + The Machine 2 years ago.
When you think about it, this summer has actually been quite insane with many of the world's biggest act touring Europe.
I will be surprised if next summer will be just as amazing. Top of mind I can recall these:

Touring Europe this summer including Denmark:
Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, The Weeknd, Royal Blood, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Prophets of Rage, System of a Down, Radiohead, The Prodigy, Frank Ocean, Guns'n'Roses, Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Aerosmith, Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams.

Touring Europe this summer not including Denmark:
Linkin Park, Green Day, U2, Coldplay, Kasabian.

Gonna be interesting to see how many of these will also be around next summer. Out of those, my biggest hope is The Killers will be booked for Roskilde next year. U2 would be a dream too, but more unlikely. Kasabian at Arena would also be amazing!
Björk releases a new album soon. Hopefully she´ll tour as well.
Jack White has a new album coming as well. I´m a fan so I wouldn´t mind for him to pop up once again even though we had him a copule of times in recent years...
Wallu wrote: Björk releases a new album soon. Hopefully she´ll tour as well.

She can take a tour in Finland ;-)
Jack White is a good suggestion, he appears to be a favourite in the booking group as well. I have enjoyed his two last concerts at RF and I am sure I would enjoy another one.

What about Massive Attack? They were supposed to do summer festivals in Europe this year, but cancelled for some reason.
Massive Attack would be great too. Saw them last year but I was a bit too drunk so a rerun would be welcome. Judging by the moments I remember it was really good.
Martin Horn Pedersen wrote:
Wallu wrote: Björk releases a new album soon. Hopefully she´ll tour as well.

She can take a tour in Finland ;-)

I really rather would see her in Denmark with you... :D
Wallu wrote:
Martin Horn Pedersen wrote:
Wallu wrote: Björk releases a new album soon. Hopefully she´ll tour as well.

She can take a tour in Finland ;-)

I really rather would see her in Denmark with you... :D

That will cost you a shit load of drinks in Pianobar, not sure you want to pay that much ;-)
Also Living Colour is coming up with a new album. I was a fan in the 90´s and never saw them live....
Dead cross finally released their debut. Dave lombardo + mike patton ++
And as mentioned. NIN would be amazing. Trent is one of the greatest ever.
If NiN and Dead Cross is booked, I'll buy my ticket instantly!
It sure would be wise for RF to maybe spend a little more energy on landing names such as Dead Cross (or anything with Patton in it) and especially NIN!

RF completely dropped the ball on the progressive metal-scene this year and gave it all to the two main contenders. I really, REALLY hope they will regain some focus on acts as the above mentioned in '18. It is sorely needed!
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