Our forum hosting company is being taken over by Tapatalk. You might know Tapatalk from their forum browser smart-phone app, they are now expanding into the forum hosting business and have taken over several small forum hosting companies, including our forum host prophpbb.

The forum will be converted to the latest version of our forum software (phpBB) which will add some new functionality and will also have a new theme (look / layout) that works great on both PC and mobile devices. We expect the forum will be completely migrated with all topics, posts, emoji, images, user avatars & settings etc. converted but we might need to fine-tune some issues directly after the migration.

We do not know the exact migration date at this point but we expect it to happen in within the next weeks (September / early October) before the first festival announcements and discussion.

Tapatalk will introduce a new pricing model where we can only afford to remain advertisement free during the low traffic months (August & September) where we stay below 20.000 page views per month (we go way over that amount most months, up to > 100.000 page views in June).
Unfortunately, we cannot afford the additional costs when going over the 20.000 page views limit.

So prepare for a new look, expect to see some advertisements (Google ads) and it could be possible the forum will go off-line entirely for some days or maybe even a few weeks. If we remain off-line for more than a couple of days, have a look at our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/roskilde.festival.forum/) for updates.