We know you love to talk about music. This category is for all non Roskilde festival related music talk.
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Earlier this year, we had a thread of "how do you find new music". At that time I didn't knew this one.


On this interactive map, you can listen to 1520 music genres and subsubsub genres.

Example: In the "find artist" text box (upper right corner, you maybe need to scroll sideways) you write They Might Be Giants - search.

Then you got some possible genres: Geek Rock, Alternative....... choose one of those and you will be presented of houndreds of bands in that genre. Brilliant
Here's the old thread: topic5878-15.html

I have to add that I started using spotify a lot. The recommendation feature is really great!

And by great I mean the first two tracks of my "weekly recommendation" radio sound like they have been picked by a really good friend who totally understands my musical taste.
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